School Name: Qilu University of Technology


School Code: 10431


School Location: No. 3501, Changqing University Road, Jinan City (Changqing Campus)


No.58, Sangyuan Road, Jinan City (Licheng Campus)


No. 1999 Beiwaihuan Road, Heze City (Heze Campus)


Schooling level: Bachelor


Type of education: Provincial public institutions of higher learning


Qilu University of Technology adheres to the basic mission of optimizing morality and cultivating talents and actively promotes teaching reform in accordance with the standard of perfect personality, good health, innovative thinking, and comprehensive qualityin personnel training standards, and vigorously strengthens professional construction and curriculum construction, and pays attention to student innovation of the cultivation of ability and entrepreneurial ability.The school actively explores the double credit system of personnel training model, training high-quality applied research talents with both ability and morality.Education and teaching quality and students' ability to practice innovation continues to increase.


In order to change the mode of examination for a lifetime exam, the school provides students with a variety of talents. Students are allowed to enter the Qilu Yingcai Schoolspecial class after admission according to the relevant regulations of the school; students are allowed to make professional choices within a certain range according to the relevant regulations of the school one year after enrollment; some colleges specializes in major diversion. In order to cultivate cross-combination talents, the school offers second professional (double degree)education in finance, accounting, law, English, light engineering, photography, etc. The school will further expand the second professional ( Dual degree) according to the needs of students ( Dual degree) undergraduate professional range.


At present, the school is vigorously implementing the first-class university construction action plan, focusing on science and education integration development strategy, focusing on comprehensive reform of higher education, building a modern university system, improving the development and operation of the new mechanism of science and education integration, and creating a new model of personnel training in science and education integration. At the same time ,the school adheres to the Cultivating virtue, Inspiring ambition, Pursuing Science,Esteeming capability school motto, adheres to the quality of the school, characteristics of the school, the talent to strengthen the school, the discipline to lead the school, opening policy of the school strategy, and actively serves the Shandong Province old and new kinetic energy conversion major projects, docks the new and old kinetic energy transformation the top tenindustry needs, actively adjusts the disciplines and professional structures, supports the construction of advantageous and characteristic specialties, adds or reorganizes a batch of emerging cross-professional and strategic specialties, optimizes and upgrades a number of traditional majors, and vigorously energetically strengthens the shortage of talents and the training of applied, compound and innovative talents, actively integrates into the economy and society, and accelerates the construction of open, international and multidisciplinary universities in an all-round way.


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